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Pastor Bob and Denise lost their home in the Camp Fire

Like so many others, Pastor Bob and Denise lost their home to the Camp Fire. They were there when it burned up and had Pastor Bob not been a fireman for so many years, he may not be alive today. So they are starting over. Their insurance was minimal due to the age and type (mobile) of their home. There are many people who know and love Pastor Bob, Denise, and their two granddaughters, and this Paypal link has been set up to help them directly.


*PLEASE NOTE: The paypal link says that your donation on paypal will go toward Calvary Chapel Oroville Inc. We are having trouble posting a link directly to Pastor Bob's paypal account. For now until further notice, ALL of the money given into this paypal account will go directly to Pastor Bob and family. 


You can send money via to This money goes directly the Scott’s banking account to help cover immediate needs. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you. (The Scotts are not involved in this webpage and are not asking for money. This information is coming from their assistant pastor and the body of Christ.)

To donate money to other victims of the Camp Fire, you may do so through Calvary Chapel Chico by clicking here

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